The D.C. Federation of Civic Associations (DCFCA) is dedicated to informing, representing, and supporting the residents of the District of Columbia by bringing together leaders of its diverse neighborhoods in an action-oriented body.



The DC Federation of Civic Association Extends condolences  to the Family and Friends of Julian Bonds.
I had a chance to meet him and have lunch with him while serving on a committee in Georgia.  Lillian Huff also was a guest of Julian at this famous restaurant  in Atlanta.  He will be missed.  Julian stood for equal rights for people of color.  Maybe, the people of Atlanta and The NAACP will name or place something in The African American Museum to honor a great name in the history of the Civil  Rights Movement.  He was young but he knew what it was to be denied his rights as an American citizen.  Julian, may you rest in peace for the positions you took for all of us.
- Barbara Morgan, President, DCFCA


President:  Barbara Morgan - Dupont Park Civic Association
First VP:  Philip Pannell - Congress Heights Community Association
Second VP:  Karen Williams - Hillcrest Community Civic Association
Third VP:  Barbara Rogers - Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association
Treasurer:  Mary Gaffney - Northeast Boundary Civic Association
Financial Secretary:  Tischa Cockrell - Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association
Recording Secretary:  Lisa White - Friends of Kingman Park
Assistant Recording Secretary:  Diane Hibbs - Friends of Kingman Park
Corresponding Secretary:  Lillie Griffin - Fort Lincoln Civic Association, Inc.
Asst. Corresponding Secretary:  Adolphe Edwards - South Manor Civic Association



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